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2012.06.24 23:07

영어 사회 대본

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Opening :

Good morning, everyone.

Well come to Guri girls' high school.

I'm 김달수, the presider of this meeting.

On behalf of our school,

I would like to thank you for your presence today.

Now, we'll start the conference

on today's team teaching demo lesson.

** Salutation :

Please stand up and face the national flag.

To the national flag! Salute!

Thank you. Please be seated.

Principal's Greeting :

At first, Mr. 김영걸, vice-principal of our school,

will give you a welcoming speech.

** Supervisor's Encouraging Speech :

Next, Mr. _______, supervisor of 경기 Provincial office of education will make an encouraging speech.

Comments of the teachers who did the demo lesson :

Before we discuss today's demo lesson,

Ms. 김현경 and Mr. Gary who presented today's demo lesson

will give you additional remarks on their lesson.

Ms. Kim, would you like to be first to go in front

and share some of your ideas?


Mr. Gary, now it's your turn.

Comments of the teachers who observed the class :

Now, I would like to invite some comments or opinions

from other teachers

and also if you have some questions about their lesson,

please feel free to ask them.

Who‘d like to make comments?

Ms. _____ may I ask your comments?

Thank you for your comments.

Is there any other teacher

who would like to ask questions or make comments?

General Comments :

Now, Ms. Kim Jerry from 진건 middle school

will make a general comment on today's demo lesson.

She's a member of KITE, 국제협력지원단.

Closing :

Now, we'll close this meeting.

Once again, thank you for coming today,

I hope you may all have a good day, thank you.

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