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2009.06.13 11:59

영문이력서 작성의 예

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영문 이력서 작성의 예 1

Personal Data

Name in full : Kil-dong Hong
Date of Birth : May 15, 1970
Sex : Male
Age : 28
Family Relation : The first son of Chong-hwa Hong
Permanent Address : 9-3, Woosin Bldg. 4F, Galwol-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Present Address : 9-3, Woosin Bldg. 4F, Galwol-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Telephone : 712-5000

Educational Background

* February, 1989 : Graduated from ○○High School, Seoul
March, 1989 : Entered the Department of Business Administration of Cho-sun University, Seoul
* February, 1995 : Will be graduated from the above

Military Service

Enlisted in the army as aprivate in May,1991. Discharged from service and placed on thereserve list in July, 1993.

Business Background : None.

Special Achievements

* Earned the 1st grade English typist given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industryin
* Earned the 2st grade English shorthand given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1994.

Special Activities

Leader of the University Time Study Club Association(UTSA) in 1994

Reward and Punishments

Awarded a grand prize in the Nationwide College Student English Speech Contest sponsored by Ministry of Education in 1994.

I hereby certify that all the above statements are true and correct to the best my knowledge.

Kil-dong Hong

Date : April 20. 1996



영문 이력서 작성의 예 2

Kil-Dong Hong

9-3, Woosin Bldg. 4F, Galwol-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul

Phone: (02) 712-5000     E-mail:


Senior accountant for a growing multinational firm


* Excellent mathematical aptitude with strong attention to detail.
* Outstanding analytical and interpretation skills. Strong planning/organizing and problem identification/diagnosis skills.
* In-depth understanding of Korean general business principles and environments. Up-to-date knowledge of American general business principles. Outstanding abilities to identify and tackle critical multicultural business issues.
* Proficient and experienced with spreadsheets (Lotus and Excel), general ledger (Millennium), inventory (ASK MAN MAN) and word processing (MS Word). Skilled in working with MS Office.
* Strongly self-motivated, enthusiastic and profit oriented. Possess flexibility and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Outstanding communication and presentation skills; equally effective working independently or collaboratively in a team effort.


Financial Analyst XYZ Co., Seoul, Korea. 1990-1994
* Prepared budget packages, actual results, and analysis of budget variances. Interpreted financial results.
* Presented packages to manager, president of Tokyo office, and controller in the United States. Followed up on corrective action plans.
* Verified consolidated financial statements at subsidiary level and made appropriate journal entries.
* Facilitated initial implementation of ASK MAN MAN and reduced costs by eliminating obsolete inventories. Reconciled perpetual inventory to general ledger and analyzed standard cost variances on monthly basis.
* Negotiated and successfully entered into contracts with sub-contractors.

Import /Export Coordinator ABC Co., Seoul, Korea. 19XX-19XX
* Coordinated international shipment documentation and import/export-related activities.
* Penetrated a new apparel market through contract negotiations with new customers and suppliers. Accountant XYZ Inc., Seoul, Korea. 19XX-19XX
* Maintained journals of daily transactions and prepared income statements and balance sheets.
* Improved efficiency by computerizing financial operations.


B.S., Accounting, College of Queen, San Francisco, CA.
Graduation anticipated: December 1998.
GPA: 3.32, GPA in major: 3.52.

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